He Taught Me to Hope

By: P O Dixon (pod)
Based on: Pride and Prejudice
Era: Regency
Main Characters:Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet

Synopsis: The legend of King Arthur meets the timelessness of Miss Jane Austen’s endearing works in this delightfully entertaining Pride and Prejudice adaptation.

What if Elizabeth is promised to another when she meets Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the one man who captures her heart and imagination like no other?

Are the chances of Darcy and Elizabeth finding their happily-ever-after as dire as they seem or is there a measure of hope by way of a strong and lasting connection between them?

He Taught Me To Hope: Darcy and the Young Knight’s Quest takes you back to a magical time of enchantment and romance and lets you fall in love with Darcy and Elizabeth once again.

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About P O Dixon

P O Dixon acknowledges arriving rather late in the game. Her initial exposure to Pride and Prejudice was in 2007. After watching the 2005 film at least two times a day for as many weeks, she determined she needed to know much more of the story’s hero. After reading the novel, along with several excellent ‘what-if’ books that told the story from Mr. Darcy’s perspective, she came across a link to the online JAFF community.